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Perfect 10 Testing Club Deposit Only !

Sorry, this item is out of stock

Welcome to the Testing Club !

This is the $500 deposit for your HALF PRICE purchase of the new PERFECT 10 game.

The regular price of this game will be $5,995. You , as a member of the Testing Club , will be paying $2,995 for your game.

Simple game play , just press the button to stop the timer at a perfect 10.000 and you win the prize !

Great soundtrack and voice make this a game the players keep coming back to

We have been testing this game in our own arcades for the past 3 years to make sure it is a Perfect 10 and now it is.

The game has 5 prize rings and each ring can hold up to 12 prizes. Each ring can be set for a different value prize to keep the game interesting to all type of players. We have done really good with using gift cards, Echo Dots, and assorted electronics and headphones.

The ones you will be getting will have 1 coin slot standard and 2 places for bill accepters (even though these photos do not show this). The test earnings where so strong we  made sure you can have 2 bill acceptors to take in all the money. You could also use 1 of these for a card reader / credit card unit if you wanted.


You are paying the $500 deposit now and you will pay the balance of $2,495 as soon as the game arrive here in December (plus shipping of course) Other options like bill acceptors / credit card readers can be added for an additional charge,.

Thank you again for participating in the Testing Club. Enjoy your new machine.