Cut 2 Win Game

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A great new concept and super easy to play.

Player tries to cut  the string holding up the jumbo size prize . As soon as they cut the string the front door opens up and the player take the prize .

The possibilities are endless on the type of merchandise you can let your players win in this game . Feel free to contact us to talk about other ways you can merchandise this game.

At this time this is only available as slightly used . These units were used for a few months in our personal family entertainment centers. Overall they are going to be a 9 plus on a scale of 1 -10 . Just like new at a great discount for you .

A super great earner at our game centers . Tremendous repeat play too - It has that " Almost got it " feel that keeps players coming back for more .

Full metal cabinet with tempered thick glass. Big wheels on the bottom for easy moving along with metal handles on the back .

Comes with the dollar bill accepter with the 300 note stacker


Standard 90 day manufacturers warranty

demo unit  / slightly used for testing purposes

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