Biocide 100 - 12 / 1 Quart Bottles - 1 Full Case with sprayer - $15.97 each

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cost per 1 quart bottle $15.97

Keep your customers safe from Covid ! This sanitizer is EPA rated to kill the virus .


BioCide 100 is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial EPA rated hospital grade sanitizer effective against 99.9% of bacteria, fungi/mold, and viruses. The mechanism for this action is the chemical attaches to, and then unwraps the proteins around the virus, bacteria or fungal body causing the cell to rupture and break apart.






After applying BioCide 100 onto a surface the binding agents in the BioCide 100 formula attach to surfaces creating a long-lasting barrier, which is reactivated by moisture or humidity. This reactivation of the BioCide formula can provide a continuous microbial killing effect. This effect will vary depending on the surface, temperature, and how often the surface is handled. Through Biocide experience, our chemical knowledge, and observable results; using BioCide 100 on medium-to-low usage touch areas such as buttons, coin-slots, and handles, may have a persistent effect for two - four weeks after application. Non-traffic areas have demonstrated signs of an active and continuous killing effect for longer in high humidity structures.



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