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Pro 4 Unit Vending Rack

SKU: 4abr-1

Great solution for a medium volume location  -its not too small and not too big

Typically this unit will vend at 25 cents per vend but there is some good 1 inch capsuled product that can vend for 50 cents.

No electricity required so this beautiful unit can be placed anywhere

Comes with both the candy wheel and gumball wheel so you can vend either . You choose which wheel you would like to use and keep the other wheel for later if you change the  item you want to vend.

What you need to know :

Polycarbonate sides for safety and protection

coin mechs are ALL METAL - never use plastic mechs ....blech.. :(

Cash area is on the bottom for ease of collections - you dont have to take off the top part like others .you'll be in and out of the location with your money super fast !

Standard flat key twist type locking mechanism

Rack is heavy duty all steel contstruction

other important info

size = 17"H * 8"W * 8" D each machine

rack size is 34" H * 19" W * 17" D

weight 69 pounds

Capacity 300-375  pcs of 1 inch toys,balls or gumballs  so thats about 12 pounds of bulk candy .

Cash holding - About $125 in quarters  in each machine .


Anything else ?  Please ask us - we want  you to make an informed choice