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A Pipeline Games original machine .

This is what you have been waiting for .. finally you can vend higher priced items and make some real money . Stop playing around with quarters and start taking dollars and giving the customers some value for their money.  Just think of all of the new and cool things you can vend now.

The center lower unit is now be made to vend 4 inch capsules, and the other compartments with vend 3 inch and 2 inch capsules.

New multicolor LED lighting has been added where you can choose to sequence through all 8 colors or just choose 1 color that matches the location.

A new twist on the age old bulk vending machine

Can vend 2-3-4 inch capsules

Adjustable vend price from .25 cents up to $99.00  in 5 cent increments

Big locking wheels make it easy to move.

Optional bill acceptor, and credit card reader .

All metal construction.

Standard 90 day manufacturers warranty.


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