Super Ticket Chicken 50 percent deposit for TEST GROUP ONLY !



This is the 50 percent deposit for Super Ticket Chicken . Anticipated ready to ship time will be Late Jan 2021 . At that time we will collect the other 50 percent and any shipping charges if applicable. The machine will ship complete full with capsules and be ready to go.

As part of the Pipeline Games Testing Group , your full price on this brand new games will be $1,750 . After the testing period and when the game goes on sale to the general public the selling price will be $3,495 . Thank you for your participation in this ground breaking program . We are excited to have you on board .

 Size is about 28 inches by 28 inches by 67 inches high.. nice medium size footprint.

Remember ... the best games come from The Pipeline ... Pipeline Games

Please do not repost or share these photos. Specifications and improvements subject to change .


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