Testing Club

A great opportunity to get the latest games for your FEC or route and provide valuable feedback to us.  A great way to show your locations you care, even in this difficult time, by providing them with brand new games that are not available anywhere else in the country at this time.

In most cases you get the testing game for roughly half off the regular selling price, you just need to give us the ranking in your arcade for 8-12 weeks or so, report any problems, and then we see if it is a viable game to sell to others ( at double what you paid ). Some games have already been beta tested at our arcades so we know they are pretty much winners already but this way we get a broader sample to make sure

At this time the games that are slated to be introduced to the testing group will have a projected retail selling price of between $2999 and $4999 so that means your price for testing will be $1495 - $2495 .... pretty good for a brand new never before seen game.

We will be offering games for both FEC and for street route operators.

Reach out to us if you would like to be part of the group.